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@msleamichele Enjoying the last few minutes of summer! #Mexico @garzablancapvr ❤️ 

msleamichele: #Mexico mornings… @garzablancapvr ❤️

msleamichele: #Mexico mornings… @garzablancapvr ❤️

… 28 is feeling great! ❤️

msleamichele Tropical paradise! @garzablancapvr #Mexico 
msleamichele Tropical paradise! @garzablancapvr #Mexico 


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Soaking up some sun in gorgeous #Mexico at the amazing @garzablancapvr … 28 is feeling great! ❤️

I was homeschooled a lot, so I’m not the greatest speller, typer, you know. So I would just go home and I would record everything on a recorder. And then my co-star Chris Colfer, who’s an amazing writer, he’s like, “I just imagine you at home, with like a glass of wine being like, ‘Make-up, let’s talk about lipstick.’” And I was like, that’s funny, because that’s actually exactly like that.

— Lea Michele on Live With Kelly & Michael (via dailychriscolfer)

Lea Michele on Live With Kelly & Michael (09-01-14)

"If it was going to happen with anybody, it would have happened with Cory."