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Cory Monteith- Glee BTS 4x14

Anonymous: Are there actually any pictures of lea at his actual birthday party that night??? If so, could you post some or something?


no pictures but there’s this video of Lea and the boobcake arriving at the party :) She’s the one in the red dress, don’t blink cause you’ll miss it


do you ever remember season 4 and like


The Rose (Glee Cast Version) — Glee Cast [460 plays]


"The Rose"

"The Back Up Plan" - 5x18

Wake Me Up (Glee Cast Version) — Glee Cast [484 plays]


"Wake Me Up"

"The Back Up Plan" - 5x18

a list of my favourite ships who dated on and off screen:
» cory monteith and lea michele

"I don’t know where inside that small frame Berry went to find the emotion she delivered with that song, but she melted the icy heart of this reviewer."

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When people ask how you’re doing at the end of the semester


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